Stay safe and warm this winter: Follow these safety guidelines for proper use of portable heating devices such as space heaters

Cold weather is quickly approaching. Whether in a commercial or residential area, electrical dangers are everywhere. As the temperatures drop, people are more likely to use space heaters or other alternate heating devices.

There are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind while using one of these devices:

• Keep heater a clear distance from all flammable objects and
in a place where people are not likely to trip over them.

• Turn off and unplug any heater when not in use.

• Check for damaged cords or loose-fitting outlets.

• Use only devices specifically designed to be in moist
environments should be used in bathrooms and similar

If you are planning on using a space heater or similar heating device, be sure to keep these simple guidelines in mind. And remember, if you have any questions regarding electrical safety, call the Really Cool Service Guys.

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