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RCS Electric is dedicated to helping you reduce your budget and make the money you spend on utilities each month work harder for you.

At RCS Electric, we have over 30 years experience helping commercial building owners and property managers maximize their budgets through tailored analysis of lighting configurations and LED lighting solutions that stand the test of time. All with a degree of reliability that can’t be beat.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Save money starting month one with state-of-the-art LEDs.

Lighting Installation

New construction? We'll make sure it's right the first time.

Lighting Repair

Got problems? No problem! We can help you see the light.

Building Lighting

For the safety of your customers and tenants, get the best.

parking & Pole Lights

Well-lit parking and pedestrian walkways are critical to safety.

Retrofit Solutions

Keep your existing look and save money in the process.

frequently asked questions

Well, where do we start? Fluorescent lights became extremely popular on the heels of the oil crisis in the 1970s. Back then, they were far more efficient than the alternatives on the market.

Today, however, we have LED solutions that are orders of magnitude more efficient than the traditional T-type fluorescent tube and ballast combination. 

Lights are one of the costliest fixtures in most properties. In fact, studies show that over 70% of your energy bill can be attributed to your lighting. 

With so much financial exposure coming from your lighting, why not take the time to explore how our energy-saving LED lighting solutions can save you? Get a FREE Energy Analysis.

With solutions powered by NetZero USA, RCS Electric can in many cases, help reorganize how you are spending money on utilities and make it dramatically work better for you. 

Still skeptical? Check out this Economics of Commercial LED video.